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Hello, welcome to my site. I am delighted you have found me and I hope you enjoy looking at my work.

          I graduated from Art College in 1981 so have been a printmaker for roughly 40 years now, and a professional artist for almost 30 (1991). It's mostly etchings I do and what you will find here. 

      Edinburgh, Scotland has been my home for most of my life and it’s here where, as a member of Edinburgh Printmakers, I make my work.

          Mostly these are pictures of whatever strikes me, wherever I am: cityscapes of Edinburgh, landscapes, plant studies, still lives and collections of objects I have found. It’s light and shadow that I notice, tone and texture and patterns. I enjoy doing sets of images showing variations on a theme. Recently I have been making forays into abstraction, but, so far, this is about having fun! I don’t know where, if anywhere these’ll lead me.

          I have a fairly active Instagram account so do go there to see what I am doing at any given time. I rarely use Facebook now. Please use the link above.



Edinburgh Printmakers Members Show on the theme of JOURNEY  can be seen during opening hours till 17 March this year -  My big print 'Reveal' has been selected for this show.

Scottish Landscape Awards Open Exhibition is now on at the City Arts Centre, Edinburgh. A wonderful selection of art from across Scotland can be seen until the 3 March next year. My piece: 'A Time & Place' is here.

1 September - 31 October: Toponomy - Quebec city, Canada - an exhibition of stories and illustrations by all current recipients of city-of-literature status. Last Spring I was invited to make a piece of artwork alongside a story by Donald Smith (founding director of The Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh) describing the source of our cities name. My picture shown here is titled - From Eidyn's Din

Meanwhile, I continue to work at getting all the galleries that show my work in their browsers re-stocked. The link to where you can find me is here.

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