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The visitation of Mary and Elisabeth

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Christ stands on the heads of Beasts


The Ruthwell Cross, situated in the kirk at Ruthwell, near Dumfries in the south-west of Scotland. An extraordinary, 18 foot Anglo-Saxon (c 700's), sandstone cross; carved in panels representing aspects of the life of Jesus the Christ. Damaged during the Reformation period it was broken up into bits, but put together again in the 19th century. I was asked to re-image these panels to look as if only 100 years old. So much is missing that I had to be quite creative in realising some details.  I have tried to remain fairly true to an Anglo-Saxon style using period manuscripts and other sculptures to re-draw some of most damaged and in some cases, entirely missing panels. There are also differing views as to who some of these characters are - with these I was guided by Timothy Ray, the guy who has created a liturgy based on his experience of this cross and who it was that commissioned me - his choice of interpretation for the purposes of his liturgy are what I went with.

16 - 22 October at St Columbas by the castle episcopal church, 14 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh. An exhibition of all the images made for this project will be open from 10am - 6pm daily. It is followed on Sunday 22 at 7pm with a Liturgy of the Incarnation - a service of music, image and words.

More on the Ruthwell Cross can be found here.

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Saints Anthony and Paul share bread

John the Baptist with the agnus dei

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