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'The Gap'

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               SUMMER EXHIBITIONS:


 at Gallery Q in Dundee:

24 July - 24 August 'Italian locations'   and 

28 August - 18 September 'general prints', but featuring Ian Phillips.

For the first one I have a series of etchings done of Venice that I will be showing. For

the second, I have been asked for my new collagraph prints which is exciting. Quite different from my usual. I have enjoyed bringing more colour into my work.

'Chance Juxtaposition'

2017 We & Windy above the San Giorgio Maggiore.jpg

  'Wet & Windy above the San Giorgio Maggiore.'

Group Exhibition in Cork, 2021:

Will now open and run from the 8 - 31 July at the Lord Mayor's Pavillion, Fitzgerald Park, Cork. 

This is an exhibition that was to have been shown last summer, but because of lockdown it was delayed. Organised jointly between Edinburgh and Cork Printmakers this is a continuation of Edinburgh's 2019 Winter Show 'The Mouth of the Shark', an exploration of themes on migration and refugees. My contribution is an ABC set of images called 'A is for Asylum, Z is for Zero Tolerance'. It is a reflection on my own journey through these issues as I have reacted to what I already knew and discovered through reading the news and deeper research. It's not conclusive by any means. The constraints of the ABC format, while giving me a structure, also limited me. I would be very interested in feedback and have left room for visiting public to add their own thoughts and stories.

Along side of me will be work by fellow Edinburgh artists, Lindy Furby and Lesley Logue and from Cork, Diane Keating.

A is for ASYLUM - Z is for Zero Tolerance-web.jpg